Sunday, June 26, 2011

[e]Fixed a lot of gtk3 appearances on Oneiric...

Here is todays shot:
this gtk2/3 theme already updated on my PPA. :)

then, today I've checked classic gnome-panel out...

what a hell!!
OMG... damned speechless.
today it had nothing to configure the appearances/functions. also you could see broken icons for indicators, tiny fonts, almost thing seems to be in ten years ago... is it "back to the future"?! X(

and additionally one more sadly news I've experienced.
yeah AWN died on Oneiric alpha1. configuration tool "AWN settings" could be run, but a lot of options didn't make any success to save and activate... for example, panel position, panel hide-mode, and much more... X(

finally I only have to work with gnome-shell and unity. so the developers must polish fallback mode up on gnome3 immediately!!

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