Saturday, June 18, 2011

[e]elementary + Gnome-Shell = the future...

Today I'm referring to Gnome-Shell theming...
I've edited some files to fit beloved elementary theme...
then I'm willing to shift icons theme to "Faenza", because its status icons are very fitted to Gnome-Shell's panel. so I modded sizes of status icons in panel. :P

and as far as I know, why Gnome-Shell calls main button "Activities"? X(
I suppose it would be better to show it as "start-here" icons... so temporary I've modded it to the name of elementary. I hope it could be changed in upstream!!

but totally that's nice ideas that Gnome-Shell hides some stuff from desktop surface, for example, dock, workspace switcher, etc. but one thing. if we should be notified from some apps notifications, Gnome-Shell tells us it? I'm afraid such "silence"... although Gnome-Shell has the thick bottom panel showing massages from apps, I think it would be enough to show as legacy notify-OSD, didn't? yeah I don't think there is so much reasons to show bottom panel. and the worth, the bottom panel steals some legacy applets from top panel. I hate it! because these are very important to show system status and these must NOT be separated the area of notifications/applets... the development team didn't concern it??? X(

and I've experienced an ugly the lack of compatibilities in indicators. yep the "nm-applet" would be OK but "indicators-network" via connman engine didn't work! damned. to be honest, I don't like nm. so I wanna move to connman and network-indicator. when I use AWN, always indicator-network make me happy on perfect work, but otherwise Gnome-Shell didn't... yeah ugly mad!! obviously inidcator-network must be rebuilt in truly gtk3. for the notePC, network applets are really needed.

after all, here is latest appearance of panel:

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