Sunday, June 26, 2011

Did you have any "fallback" session on your Oneiric?

Yeah here is my latest fallback session:
Let's explain that... :)

* Wingpanel - the top panel provided from elementary-team. I've modded it looks like elementary classic gnome-panel...
* Docky - the famous dock app. today AWN didn't work properly on Oneiric, so I've moved to it. it works well even on gtk3 desktop. nice!!
* Metacity - this is not so cool. but Mutter also didn't work on Oneiric as stand alone Window Manager...damned.

today most of indicators had been revived! except for gnome-power-manager. in opposite, gnome-shell would work well with it. as far as I know, but the fact. maybe caused Icon-Set? I don't know...

I hope Cardapio could be applied. because slingshot-launcher is now damned slow to kick! and dull! to be honest, I didn't like such "plate"-ish launhcer. :P

Anyway, fallback session is really important to manage some system configurations, tunings, recovery, and tracking the issues down, didn't you?

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