Sunday, June 05, 2011

[AWN]gtk3 + indicators => X(

Because of some reasons, some indicators had corrupted in AWN... for example, nm-applet, gnome-power-manager...etc.

so I've tried to revive the previous env such as gtk2...

then I could do that.
the point is that power-management tool of gnome3 had been changed dramatically. so I had to employ battery applet of AWN. but nightmare had not ended yet.. XD

this battery applet ignored gtk-icon theming at all.. damned. because it has stand-alone icon theming from its own preferences. the fact I had added "awoken theme" manually...

and then nm-applet also had shifted to systray.

today we're under the situation of "gtk2/gtk3 composited". so gtk theming is quite hard to fit within them each other... X(

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