Sunday, May 29, 2011

[psb_gfx]3 codelines make a big difference.


So what are the differences between them? yeah that's "Dithering".
the original codes in git tree, Alan had treated dithering as well but he only activated it when psb_gfx runs under non-full resolutions (scaled fullscreen)... :(
Well, I didn't notice that things at first time, then Lucazade had noticed such ugly appearances by causing dithering. so I had tried patchworks for it. :)

       /* Native modes don't need fitting but dithering. */
        if (adjusted_mode->hdisplay == mode->hdisplay &&
                adjusted_mode->vdisplay == mode->vdisplay)
                pfit_control |= PANEL_8TO6_DITHER_ENABLE;
Yes. only I had embedded 3 codelines, only 3!!
Let's explain it.
top line is the comment. 2-3 lines said "even if you could get native resolutions for LVDS panel". and last one said "psb_gfx forces LVDS to use dithering" by using 8TO6 protocol. these pieces of codes had been employed in generic Intel driver for i9xx. then I had mixed them to force dithering on even native resolutions.

these patchworks applied in GMA500 Team's PPA instead of Kristoffer's git tree. :D

After all, the graphic performance would be slow down around 10%, but good appearances would be brought.


  1. Evil is in the details!! : )

  2. Yep!
    That was NOT a magic. :)