Friday, May 27, 2011

HD63xx + fglrx -> VA-API :-)

I've tried fglrx on Natty with 2.6.39-3-generic Oneiric kernel.
Guido had opened his ppa for freaks. ;)

The current libva is libva - 1.0.12-1~xup.
but.... the fact fglrx's va driver had been installed as:
oh god... :(
so I've linked to:
because vainfo always watches above dirs to search for va driver in libva - 1.0.12-1~xup.

Then I could use xvba-video with libva (vaapi) successfully! oops. forgot to mention! you guys should use vaapi-patched player like mplayer... but to be honest, CPU usages didn't decreased so much. hehe :P

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