Friday, May 27, 2011

"e" of mine...

The "e" are very important for me.

1st is "elementary OS". yeah that's based on Ubuntu Linux, and added more improvements for desktop experiences. For example, GTK theming, icons, and some more apps. but unfortunately it's still under developments so I gotta keep watching whatever they would do the next...

 2nd is "Thinkpad X120e". it's the state of the art AMD/ATI combinations called "Fusion APU" platform. ;) after updating from Dual-Cored X100e, a lot of advantages were given. the most remarkable thing, Lenovo had solved the "Heat"! basically Fusion had increased around 65% graphic performance from previous Vision platform... but don't worry about Heat problems, in opposite the heat was decreased dramatically!! lol

I've been playing with Linux for 14 years over.  and Thinkpad had used to be my best rated laptop in most cases.

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