Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Lazulum] Just starting the PPA !! :-)

Hi all.

Today I've opened new PPA for Lazulum...

And already the initial codes were uploaded. But in this initial release, I've only uploaded as Gtk3 theming without any Gtk2 theming so, just greybird gtk2 was included into it.

Anyway I'm really happy to open this new Gtk theming, and let's start developments!! :)

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Starting new GTK theming named "Lazulum"...


Today I've decided to create new gtk theming because of some reasons.

That's named "Lazulum".  :)

Lazulum, the Latin word was derived from the German word "Lazorstein" what means "Blue Stones". And equal to the Persian word "Lāzuward"...

This word sometimes might have meant to be "Heaven and/or Sky", something like that I suppose. Yeah great meaning!!

So I now have some concepts for this:

  • In contrast to Selene, Lazulum must have light theming.
  • The main hi-light colour turns to sky-blue from deep-ocean-blue.
  • Get more smoothly borders, edges, and gradients.
But today I've only created just a conceptual wallpaper image:

How about it? :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's really beeeeeeeeen a while... :)


I'm back.

  And today I've uploaded bug fixed selene-theme for Precise... So what's the bug? Yeah you might know that the "Overlay-Scrollbar" had to break my theming in many cases especially gtk3 applications, like nautilus, midori, gedit and much much more... :(

Same as mine, some other themes published on Gnome-Look which looks nice without overlay-scrollbar would need some tweaks as well.

Then why now I have to do that?
- Yup because of my tiny boy...

You guys remembered this? :P
Yeah "Raon Digital EVERUN NOTE", right!! lol

This would be the smallest laptop employed AMD Turion X2 dual-core, works pretty good with gallium-3D & radeon driver even for Gnome-Shell 3.6!! Wow nice!! :D
But you know Everun has only 7-inch WSVGA touch screen, and Optical stick pointer... Oh that's really bad... This pointer works with "hid" kernel driver but it didn't seem to improve as 3-Button mouse (means "center-drag scrolling")... So I had an only way to enable Overlay-Scrollbar to enhance the usability of scrolling, damned there's no choice!

Anyway I'm really happy with this tiny boy to work for Ubuntu... Now I'm running Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 on it, and ASAP I would shift to Raring (13.04) alpha release. Forgot to mention, Everun Note needs strongly "Coxlin" utility to enable downvoltaging to save its battery and decreasing damned CPU-fan noise, and more badly thing is that Coxlin only works on 32bit OS environments. Nooooo!!

... I had no choice! What a crazy is to run 32bits on this native 64bit dual-core?! But Coxlin had released by Raon as closed source in 2008 or 2009, now then Raon was closed... A good thing is that Coxlin works even on Precise and/or Quantal 32bit... Hum...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

[GDM 3.5.2] broken with gnome-shell 3.5.4 or higher.... damned!! X(

Hi guys... It's been a while.

Yeah I've found that today GDM 3.5.2 (published from my testing ppa) had been broken with gnome-shell's latest codes... OMG!

See details in here:
Gnome-Shell git repository changes.

Already known, gdm would employ "libgdm" instead of "libgdmgreeter", so gnome-shell login system could follow it as well. But We've been playing GDM with libgdmgreeter debian packaging for a long time, umm.. well... suddenly why devs had to change it?! X(

Anyone knows how many patches I had to employ that GDM to run on Ubuntu?!
Yeah I know someone would say that "tons of... tons..." grrrrr

So please give me more time to patch (sync) gdm's codes with latest git repository guys! Sorry for that. I now suppose I might have to re-package libgdm as new one.

See you later and stay tuned till I've uploaded those fixes!! :)
If you've found that bug as well, I'm happy with your changes from gdm to lightdm to solve it...

Monday, July 16, 2012

[Selene] Gets improvements for Wingpanel? Yep now... ;)

 Current Wingpanel (especially "daily-build" states) gets "menu-items" to be better...

But... one thing.

If you guys wants some "dark" colour theming to fit with it, sadly there's no way to change that colour of backgrounds on "balloon-ish" pull-down menus. Because elementary-devs didn't improve any customizable options to draw this balloon-ish menus only fitted to the default elementary theming colours... grrrr.

 So I'm now hacking Wingpanel to get my selene colour schemes for balloon-ish menus. Then if I've got to succeed building this package on my selene repository, soon you guys would check this changes out! So please wait a minute... :)

 And now I've fixed some bugs on that Wingpanel's pull-down menus. Yeah these menus couldn't draw correctly if theming had defined the "gradients" as "background-image" on menu theming sections, you know. So I had no choice to purge that theming and changed to plain-color backgrounds... X(
Then also I'm wondering why ".highlight" section could be ignored by gradient background, Any ideas?? Anyway still Gtk 3.5.7 or higher seems to needs the floods of fixes to kill tons of bugs, right?  Now I'm really worried about that major release 3.6... Could it be real?? XD

PS: Unico engine could not fix the critical "square everything" bug yet... OMG! And mutter stand-alone session seems to forget the "window-switcher" popup and breaks resume after suspend of my VAIO Z (sandy-bridge mobile),  what a hell?!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Balsa] Let's start fighting against gtk3 for Balsa!!

Hi guys...

Recently I've been fighting for Balsa mail client especially gtk3 engine...

You guys could see above screenshot showed my Balsa could run with gtk3 engine!! :)

Well known, this git repository presents the main codes to playing Balsa with gtk3. But those codes might need some patches to build though... :(

Anyway my favorite applications no longer need old-school gtk2 mainly today:

  • Web browsing -> Midori
  • Mail client-> Balsa
  • Twitter client-> Gwibber
  • File manager -> Marlin
  • Address book -> Gnome Contacts
  • System settings -> Switchboard
  • Panel -> Gnome Panel

And some other "elementary" applications (wingpanel, slingshot, and so) would be needed to test whether those could run on the latest gnome3 environments, right? Then if could, I really hope that "Synaptic Package Manager" could improve gtk3 compatibilities!! :P Yeah it's really a biggest problem for me... The answer is so much simple: "Ubuntu Software Center seems damned useless for me"... oops! :-P

Finally my desktop always wipes "unused contents" out, So what I'm keeping in my mind is "Simplicity". No need dock, gadgets, monitoring, and even desktop icons... I usually want only both "All-in-one panel" and "Well designed window manager", that's all. In past, I've been living with Fluxbox, and now especially on some Poor PCs of mine, using Pekwm instead of Mutter/Metacity. In opposite, some recent PCs could run Mutter quickly as Gnome Fallback Session with OpenGL, Oh that's nice!!

So why Mutter? --- Yeah today metacity theming already seems to have reached to the edge of customization for theming, But Mutter didn't. :P Yep, we've now got some new features with Mutter theming!! It's really cool, you know... If you guys want the Look & Feel like Gnome-shell on more simple desktops, OK, Let's play Mutter! 

But one thing.

On a couple of days, both Mutter and Clutter seems to be buggy on gtk 3.5.7. Damned crashes! Oh yeah I would hum this song :D

PS: I love Paramore's songs...ehehe.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    On my recent topic.

    Been a while guys,

    Yeah I've been busy for a while on my work... :(

    So... Now I've just updated gtk3 to 3.5.5, then what a horrible appearances had appeared!! It seems to be caused on Unico gtk3 engine, right? For example, weird squared border radius what ignores gtk3 theming. And weird backgrounds behind those texts... OMG. :(

    On the other topic, did you guys already see "Midori-gtk3" package? Oh nice thing I wanna accept for that (Yep, we don't need to rebuild that package with "--enable-gtk3" option anymore)!! Even though still midori-gtk3 strongly needed lots of tweaks for "Flash" video playback (remembered well, in past Epiphany was looked like that), But anyway gtk3 theming for web browsing could implement a lot of positive benefits, isn't it? :) Also I don't think gtk3 engine could make huge lack of performance...

    Today I really hope that Unico developers could solve such bug ASAP... (Basically, gtk3 3.4.2 or lower didn't get such bug with current unico engine.)

    If someone want to employ Mutter Window Manager as "Gnome Classic" session, today we might have to patch for some sources of 3.5.2. Already I've filed this bug to Gnome-bugzilla and devs could solve this issue soooo quickly!! Thanks Jasper!! :-) Anyway those patches would commit to main git branch soon... Now I love Mutter than Compiz clearly because mutter/metacity theming could improve fantastic features like Adwaita, So from a couple of weeks ago, I've applied such theming to my selene. However this implementation leads the lack of awesome appearances on Compiz/Unity session, but I really don't care about it now. I suppose that we (means gtk3 theme creators) might have to improve "Gnome-shell/Mutter" theming at first, and then good to add Unity implementation as 2nd priority, right?

    Finally Ambiance, Elementary, Adwaita, and so much other theming seem to get better day by day, so I hope my selene also could get more higher ground... And if Quantal could make a "Gnome3" spin project, I really wanna join it!! :)